Dear Families and Friends,

In response to our communication last week waiving May fees, many families have asked if the team can accept waived fees as a donation.  The short answer is yes.  Lakeside swim team is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  

A tax-deductible donation can be made by check mailed to the business office (1928 Woodbourne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40205) or by credit card using the fundraising portal on our team web page:

We reported last week that we waived May fees because we are fully funded for May operations due to reduced overhead and monies from our PPP forgivable loan under the CARES Act.  Although requiring May fees would buoy the team’s reserves protecting against future impacts from the pandemic, we felt that charge was counterproductive to our goal of returning to the water with a full team given the economic hardship many are facing.  

This said, there are many uncertainties additional reserves can protect against.  For example, needed revenue from hosted meets may be diminished or eliminated.  Similarly, increased pool rent/overhead costs are possible to comply with social distancing requirements when training resumes (e.g. less swimmers per lane requiring more pool hours/lane use).   Future shutdowns without the PPP/CARES Act safety net are also a concern.  

These uncertainties may develop into a specific fundraising ask in the months ahead.  Because of this unknown, we are not making a formal ask today.  However, in direct response to those who have asked, yes donations in any amount, including fees waived for May will be accepted, appreciated and most importantly not wasted.  Any donations will go directly to the team’s reserves to offset costs as we navigate the months ahead.  


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If you’d rather donate via check, mail checks to:
Lakeside Swim Team
1928 Woodbourne Ave,
Louisville, KY 40205

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