How do we join the team?

Call us and let us know you are interested.  We can be reached at 502-451-4333 or  Once we know more about the swimmer, we can guide your next steps.  The swimmer will either need an individual assessment or level assignment from a coach.   If your child is new to competitive swimming we will ask if he/she knows all four strokes, flip turns and can dive off the side or starting blocks.  If your swimmer has swum competitively before, we will ask for his/her best times. To fill out an evaluation request, click here.

What is the registration process?

Lakeside offers online registration.  Joining the team is easy and should take about 15 minutes to complete the process.  It will help to have your medical insurance card and credit cards handy.  The Lakeside Swim Team policies are outlined in detail during the registration process so please read carefully.  Start the process here.

How do I register my swimmer/family with Lakeside?   

Step one, register with the team with Team Unify

  1. Go to our registration page through our Team Unify website
  2. Follow the prompts and fill in information as needed
  3. Once you have registered, the team will make the family & swimmer active and you will receive (emailed) a password to have access to our member website and your account.  Please allow two to three business days to receive your password.
  4. Once you have access, with your password, you can update your swimmer/family information; check your bill, sign-up for meets, sign-up for volunteer work, etc…

Step two, register with USA Swimming

Each fall every swimmer across the country must register with USA Swimming for the up-coming year.  This membership to USA Swimming is good til the end of the calendar year and is transferable to other teams.

  1. If you have not created a parent account on USA Swimming, you need to do that first.
    Go to and create your parent account.
  2. Before clicking on the registration link, make sure you’re logged in to your parent account
  3. Follow this link to register your swimmer with USA Swimming
  4. CHOOSE the SECOND OPTION – “this membership is for someone other than myself.”
  5. If you registered correctly, you will have been billed at the end of the process.

What fees or expenses will I have or should I expect to see on my monthly bill? 

There are a number of items that we bill.  The most common will be your swimmers monthly training fee and meet entry fees for any meet your swimmer competes in.  Other items that may appear on your bill;

  1. Team Caps – at each meet the coaches bring the “cap bag” and if any swimmer needs a team cap they write their name down and we bill you for that cap.
  2. Team Travel – We do travel as a team to the National or Sectional level meets.  This is not common for most meets or younger swimmers.  We will ask for an initial up-front payment and bill the balance of the trip cost to you after the meet.
  3. Activities – We do have an occasional group or team activity that we may bill you for, if you participated.  We also bill for the Spring Team Banquet if you attend.
  4. Lakeside Swim Club Non-Membership Fee – If your family is not a member of the Lakeside Swim Club AND you train at the Club during June and July, you will be billed the non-membership fee, this will be very uncommon for swimmers training at the Shelbyville Site.
  5. Start-up Package – In an effort to eliminate various small fees and to get all the swimmers unified and outfitted with the same gear we have developed a “Start-up Package.” The start up package is billed in October.  Please contact the office if that extra billing amount is an issue at that time, especially families with multiple swimmers, we can work with you on that.

Are there fund-raising obligations along with the monthly training fee?

No. We used to have a number of fund-raising activities; however, years ago we eliminated the smaller, time consuming activities and opted to work towards more corporate fund-raising.  We create training fees and host swim meets that eliminate the requirement on each family and it has proven to be the best option versus competing for your time and money with schools, bands, other teams and activities that need or require fund-raising projects.

How do I know which training group is right for my swimmer?

All new swimmers are evaluated on an individual basis.  A Lakeside coach assigns the team level.  Younger and newer swimmers are provided a one-on-one assessment with a Lakeside coach.  Middle school and high school swimmers are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on experience.  Contact us at 502-451-4333 or click here to request an evaluation. 

What is your cancelation policy?

1.       A 15 day notice is required for all cancelations.  Send an email to with the following information:

  • Swimmer’s name
  • Swimmer’s group level (i.e. Developmental 1, Performance 2, Pre-Competitive, etc.)
  • Reason for cancelation. 
  • Is the swimmer expected to turn to Lakeside?  If so, when?
  • Any other feedback we should know?  Your comments and suggestions are helpful in improving our team.

2.       Once an account has been canceled, Lakeside cannot guarantee that a roster spot will be available if/when the swimmer wishes to return. 

3.       The account owner remains responsible for any fees incurred by the swimmer prior to their last practice date (i.e. meet fees, swim cap, purchases, USA Swimming registration fees)

Who are the coaches? 

Lakeside Swim Team has five full time coaches that work out of the team office, and a number of other part time coaches that assist on the pool deck. All Lakeside staff members are certified by USA Swimming and must keep their CPR, Safety Training, and background checks up to date, along with other continuing education every year. To learn more about our coaches, click here.

Does the team offer scholarships?

No, Lakeside Swim Team does not currently offer any scholarships.


What does my swimmer wear or need for practice?

Swimmers may wear any training suit they wish during practice.  If they wear a cap we encourage wearing a Lakeside Swim Team Cap, but understand they may have training caps as well.  They will also need goggles, and probably need a back-up pair of goggles in their bag in case they break.  Each training group has different equipment assigned to them and you or your child will be notified of what is needed in a specific group.  We do try to add equipment to their training as they get older; this provides the swimmer with something new and different at each group and gives them something to look forward too. 

What does my swimmer wear or need for meets?

Our Team suit is a solid navy blue Speedo with the logo on it, which can be purchased at SwimVille USA.  At meets we ask that swimmers wear a solid navy blue or black Speedo suit, due to the number of different styles available we are comfortable with this.  We always require a Lakeside Swim Team Cap if you wear a cap.  We DO NOT encourage or promote any 12-under swimmer wearing or purchasing a technical racing suit!  They are expensive, need to be worn much smaller than 12 and under swimmers like and are designed with the senior swimmer in mind.  As a staff we feel it is a waste of your money and another thing to look forward to as your swimmer progresses.  Yes, you will see them and current members have them, we are only providing advice.  We are a SPEEDO sponsored team and any meet suit is expected to be Speedo!

What are Short Course and Long Course Seasons?

Lakeside operates in two seasons (which makes us a year round team) in accordance with USA Swimming.  Short course vs long course refers to the length of the pool, not the length of the season.

  • Short Course season:
    • The Short Course season starts in September and ends in March.
    • All training and competitions are run in a 25 yard pool.
    • We practice at the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center in Louisville (MTM) and the Family Activity Center in Shelbyville (FAC).
  • Long Course Season:
    • The Long Course season starts in April and ends in late July/early August.
    • The swimmers will compete in a long course, 50 meter pool. This is the same size pool that is used for the Olympics.
    • We practice at the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center in Louisville (MTM) and the Family Activity Center in Shelbyville (FAC) through April and May. When school lets out, we swim in the Quarry the Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville in addition to our two main locations, MTM and FAC.

What is a time standard?

Each age group has time standards for every race that appropriately group swimmers at different meets through the year and provide achievement milestones for the swimmers as they progress. There are time standards to attend the Kentucky State Championships as well as regional and national meets throughout the country.

Kentucky Swimming Time Standards


What is Team Unify?

Team Unify (TU) is the name of our website/team management/billing software.  If you ever hear, “it is listed in Team Unify” or “check Team Unify” it is synonymous with that website.

How does the billing work?

  1. Invoices go out the first of each month by e-mail, and for the preceding or upcoming month. Example Sept 1 invoice is for your Sept training.  We do not bill training fees in August and you are billed for only the months that you swim.
  2. All payments are due to the Lakeside office (1928 Woodbourne Ave Louisville, KY 40205) by the 25th of the month. There is a $25 late fee on all late payments. If your swimmer is not planning on swimming for a month it is the parent’s responsibility to tell the team administrator.
  3. Meet entry fees, cap fees, and some travel expenses will also be added to your bill if your swimmer participated in a meet, needed a cap, or went on a team trip.
  4. You may view your bill on-line at anytime by accessing your account on our Team Unify website.

NOTE: We do not prorate monthly fees, due to the fact that there are too many individual issues or schedules for our staff to decide or determine what each swimmer would be billed.  We will work with a family on unique circumstances.


I need to update my credit card information in Team Unify.

  • Log into your TU account,
  • Make sure you’re in the “Back Office”
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Click on “Set Up Auto Pay”
  • Be sure to hit “Save” at the bottom or your changes will not be saved

How do I see my invoice line items?

  • Log in to your Team Unify account
  • Click “My Account” on the left
  • Click “My Invoices & Payments”
  • To see individual line items, click on the grey arrows to expand the section


I don’t know what meets my swimmer should attend, what meets should I sign my swimmer up for?

Contact your lead coach for guidance on which meets are a good fit for your swimmer.  Usually, each coach will provide a list of meets they suggest for swimmers in that specific training groups.

How do I sign my swimmer up for a meet? 

  1. Sign into your Team Unify account
  2. On the main page of our Team Unify website, you’ll see all upcoming meets and events.
  3. Click the name of the meet/event for more information, times, schedules, etc..
  4. To sign your swimmer up click the “Edit Commitment” box .
  5. Click your swimmers name or names, this will take you to the commitment form
  6. In the drop down box you can select YES, sign my swimmer up or NO, don’t sign my swimmer up
  7. There is a NOTE box below where you can request an event, ask to swim just one day, etc…
  8. You may also select one day or exclude a day by either committing to certain sessions or omitting sessions.
  9. Always contact the office or your coach if you are in doubt!
  10. Your swimmer will not be signed up for a meet unless you commit them online or email your coach directly!

Who selects my swimmers events?

Once signed-up, your child’s coach will select the appropriate events for them to swim.  At a younger age we try to enter them in as many events as we can and mix up what events they swim at each meet.  Special requests can be made to your child’s coach either in the meet sign-up note box or by contacting the coach directly.  As the swimmers get older, they normally work directly with their coach on their meet entries.

Will my swimmer be on a relay?

Relays will be determined at the meet and by the coaching staff.  Everyone in the meet is eligible for a relay and 99% of the time we form the strongest team possible.  There may be occasions where we try to divide up swimmers to make relays equal or allow new or different swimmers on relays, but this always depends on the meet.  Relays are worth twice the points and are the only “team” effort swimming has, so they are very important.  Coaches will use previous times, current meet performance and even a “gut” feeling at times to decide on the relay swimmers.  Much like a basketball coach must decide who to play in different situations, swim coaches may decide who to swim in different situations, and that plan can always change.  A few things to consider;

  1. Relay Events First at a Meet – If the relay event is first after warm-up, the staff will be working on line-ups during that time.  If a swimmer is not at warm-up or shows up after the relays are finalized, they may lose their spot.  We cannot place a swimmer on a relay who isn’t there.  If you will be late to warm-ups please notify your coach prior to the meet.
  2. Relay Events Last at a Meet – Please make sure to check the relay line-ups prior to leaving the meet, there is nothing worse than three swimmers waiting around for a relay, to find out their teammate has left for the day.  If you cannot stay please notify the coaches at the beginning of the day.
  3. If your swimmer thinks they should be on a relay and are not – Please have them discuss this with the coaches ASAP!  After a relay is swum, it’s over and nothing can be changed. 

How can I check or see what events my swimmer is entered in?

Once your child’s coach has entered them into a meet, you can access their events through Team Unify. You follow the same process as committing to a meet and your child’s events will be listed once the coaches have entered their events.  We normally do this at least a week prior to mailing the entry so that you and your swimmer have a chance to double check and coaches can adjust the entry if needed.

Where do I get information/pricing on each swim meet?

Meet information is posted on the website as it becomes available.  If it isn’t posted on our website, then we are still waiting on it and will post as soon as possible. The fees for each meet are listed in the meet document as well.  The fees are charged to your account/credit card on file the week after the meet. Typically, there is a surcharge to enter the meet (typically $6-$25) along with a fee for each event (typically $4.50-$9.00 per event).

What if I signed-up and now can’t attend a meet?  Do I get billed entry fees, even if we didn’t swim? 

We realize other activities or things come up that prevent a swimmer from attending a meet, from a family obligation to the child being sick or injured.  You can always un-commit your swimmer online prior to any events being assigned to them.  If they have been assigned events, please contact their coach or the office and we can remove them from the meet.

Once we have sent the entry to the host team and have paid for those entries you will be billed for those events regardless of your participation in the meet.  Basically if Lakeside pays another Team for an entry, you will be billed for that entry, if the host team doesn’t charge Lakeside for those events, then Lakeside will not charge you for those events.

If your child skips or misses an event at a swim meet, they still will be charged for that entry.

Why do we host swim meets?

Lakeside Swim Team hosts a variety of different meets to serve the needs of our own swimmers and the local swimming community.  This is an opportunity for the families to meet and work together to support the swimmers and the team.  Each meet that Lakeside hosts provides a high quality competition experience for the swimmers.  Lakeside also gains financially by hosting meets, through meet entry fees, concession sales, etc. the team uses this money to keep monthly fees affordable.

What is my volunteer and meet worker obligation as a parent of a Lakeside swimmer?

Lakeside will host a number of meets throughout the year, aside from training fees; this is our larger revenue generator and is crucial to the operation of the team while staying financially viable.  If your swimmer participates in a Lakeside hosted meet, you as a parent will be required to work that meet.  The number of volunteers needed is determined by the number of swimmers Lakeside has participating and our volunteer parent in charge of Meet Workers will post the number of sessions required per family. 

NOTE: First year USA Swimming Families are excused from the meet workers requirement at the October Jack Thompson Meet ONLY.  Your help is welcome, however, we allow this exception so that you may help your swimmer adjust and for families to have time to adjust to a new forum.

Meet Worker and Volunteer Sign-up:

An e-mail will be sent out before each Lakeside hosted meet and will ask you to sign up for a certain number of sessions. As noted in the contract you must work to avoid being fined for not working the meet. All sign-ups for meets are done on the Lakeside website.  Sign in, go to the Event List and on the right hand side next to the commitment box will be a “Job Signup” box, click this box and job openings and sessions will appear for you to sign up.  Please sign-up early so that you can choose the times that fit your schedule best and the positions that you prefer.  We do ask that any volunteer be at least 14 years of age.

What if I can’t work the meet or all the sessions required:

Please contact the parent volunteer in charge of Meet Workers and they can work with you on an individual basis.  Please do not just ignore or leave your swimmer out of the meet due to individual issues.

Certified Officials:

To maintain our base of Certified Officials, specific positions and our ability to host meets, we require that within two (2) years of joining the team at least one parent from each family becomes certified with USA Swimming and the Team.  We will host a number of Clinics for training and also have developed other crucial positions that will satisfy this requirement.

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