SeaHawks CRUSH Southern Premier

Wilson York, Mike DeBoor, Will Scholtz, Thomas Mercer, Southern Premier Nashville TN March 2023

Lakeside SeaHawks broke several records while competing at the 2023 Speedo Southern Premier in Nashville, TN.


Charlotte Crush broke the 2010 National Age Group record in the 200 Back, breaking Missy Franklin’s record from 2010 of 1:51.07 by going a 1:50.95!  She also improved her own NAG in the 100 back by going 50.44!


Several Kentucky Swimming Relay Records were also broken by Lakeside this weekend.

The 15&O boys set four new relay records starting with the 200 Free Relay, going 1:20.88, beating Lakeside’s own record of 1:22.17.

Will Scholtz 20.93

Alex Thiesing 20.02

Thomas Mercer 20.32

Johnny Crush 19.61


The 15&O boys also broke their own 200 Medley Relay record with a 1:27.21.

Johnny Crush 21.69

Will Scholtz 24.12

Thomas Mercer 21.58

Alex Thiesing 19.82


And their old 400 Free Relay record with a 2:57.94.

Will Scholtz 45.89

Thomas Mercer 44.82

Alex Thiesing 43.98

Johnny Crush 43.25


And the 400 Medley Relay record with a 3:13.88.

Johnny Crush 47.10

Will Scholtz 5425

Thomas Mercer 48.29

Alex Thiesing 44.19


Left to right, Boone Wilcox, Wilson York, Carter Rankin, Hudson Theuer.

Not wanting to miss out on all the hype, the 13-14 Boys broke their 400 Medley Relay record with a 3:30.71! Surpassing their old time of 3:32.01 which they set in December.

Hudson Theuer 53.27

Wilson York 57.87

Boone Wilcox 51.80

Carter Rankin 47.77



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